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Perry Barr is in Birmingham,


West Midlands. UK



But this isn't a site about Perry Barr today!

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This site is made up of information that I have collected on the people and places of Perry Barr in the 1800's.  It is just a hobby of mine and has nothing to do with any Local History Society or Genealogy Group. Although information is basically about Perry Barr, but there is a bit of information on the surrounding areas - as it was once a very vast area. If you are looking for Family History look under the relevant surname lists under A, B, C etc..  If you have an interesting story about the Perry Barr area, or have old photographs of people who lived in the Perry Barr area, please let me know.

I am indebted to a lady named Ann who kindly shared her grandmother's post card album with me, and to Richard Parkes who keeps giving me 'snippets' of information about the farmers and farms in the area.

I hold no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the items in Perry Barr & Beyond and would strongly advise you to check out personally the items concern you.  May I advise you that I am not a professional historian, or a computer whiz-kid and neither is my Perry Barr site complete.

If for some unknown reason, I have unwittingly "stepped" on someone's toes, please let me know and I will gladly remove any information that I am not supposed to publish.  The marriages and deaths are indexed from the St. Johns records (unless otherwise stated).  The information of Private Residents came from directories of that period.  The newspaper cuttings are from the local newspapers of that time, ie. Handsworth Chronicle, Handsworth Herald, The Post, The Dart etc. 

If you are a Company which started in the Perry Barr area, then please let us have a little of the history and I will include that.

I would like to thank all my friends, family and work colleagues who have put up with my constant chatter about Perry Barr and my web-site, and now, not forgetting all those people who have been kind enough to send words of encouragement, support, and appreciation of this web-site.  If you find that there is a broken link, I would appreciate it if you would let me know and I will rectify it as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy these pages.....

December 06 - I hope that I have now upgraded this website.  Unfortunately the version I was using has been updated and so many of the page are out of line, but i hope it doesnt spoil your enjoyment of these pages.

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