Perry Barr and Beyond

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From Perry Bridge towards St. Johns

Richard Parish was a farmer at Brooklands Farm in 1880

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Joseph Palmer was the landlord of the Crown and Cushion in 1871

Peace family

Perry Barr Railway Station

Perry Barr Bus Garage



The Parson & Clerk was orginally called the Royal Oak - read how it got its name under "P"

Several Views of Perry Hall the home of Lord Calthorpe

More photo's of Perry Hall - see under "P" .. . . . . . .


See a picture of the Water Station at Perry Hall, (under "W")


Perry Village

More photo's of Perry Village - see under "P"

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Entrance to Perry Park

The houses on the right hand side can still be seen



Perry Pont

possibly on the site of the Dairy by the Zig Zag Bridge

Aldridge Road

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Handsworth Herald, 15th November 1890

William Peddingham, Perry Barr was charged with being drunk in the Birchfield Road, on Tuesday last.  Defendants conduct in the court caused considerable amusement.  He sat down at the solicitor’s table when his case was called on, but was immediately requested to stand.  He at once expressed himself willing to do so.  Later on he was asked if he had anything to say and he replied “No I don’t, but you will hear more about it later on”.  He would rely upon the justice of the most honourable magistrates (laughter)  The Bench fined him 14 shillings including costs or 14 days in default.  Defendant replied  “Oh I don’t want to go to that place; I could pay it if it were fourteen hundred shillings.  I hope I shan’t come here again for a long time”.

Perry Barr Police Station

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George Perks in his will left 300 valuable books to the Free Library in 1893


Middle English Word PIRIE meaning PEAR TREE

Perry Barr Institute is now the Birchfield Community Library

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 Quarry House  1831 – Occupied by Christopher Wren Esq

Queslett Road

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